King Suite

The King suite lures you to relax! while the décor is more modern than other rooms of the house. In shades of black and white, the feel is still old fashioned comfort! Modern amenities include fireplace, t.v., wifi, and private shower/restroom facilities. Chocolate dipped strawberries and other indulgences continue your pampering experience.

Cowboy Room

Take a walk on the wild side – the wild west that is – when you spend time in the Cowboy room! Weathered barn wood on the walls and actual barn doors on the closet combine with modern deluxe bedding and Queen sized sleigh bed to make a memorable stay. You can even enjoy the glow of your own private “campfire”!

Garden Room

Welcome to a stay in the garden room! Soft, serene colors and botanical décor complete an invitation to unwind from the white Queen poster bed and warm fire glow. An antique dresser and inviting bedding ensure a bouquet of special memories.

Grandmother’s Room

An original bedroom in this 1898 farmhouse, is the Grandmother’s room. Queen sized cast iron bed, antique accommodations, quilts and more combine with a little modern luxury, a half bath! Step back in time and enjoy your stay!

Photos to come